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Audit consultancy center

Private Company Limited "The Audit Advisory Centre" was established in 1997. Type of activities: audit and review of financial reports, other tasks of assurance and related services, verification of the use of EU funds, management of accounting, consultations on accountancy and tax matters.

The company has a certificate issued by Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors authorizing the practice of audit activities. "The Audit Advisory Centre " is insured by the compulsory insurance against civil liability in respect of its activities.  Since 2009 the Company has been implementing  the 1st International Quality Control Standard " Quality Control of Audit Companies Performing Audit and Review  of Financial Reports as well as Carrying out the Tasks of Assurance and Related Services." Customers of the company - private companies limited, public limited companies, public enterprises, non-profit organizations, state, municipal and other enterprises, agencies, individuals. Confidentiality is important to us and our clients. Professionalism is ensured by  high qualification of the staff and continuous upgrading. We respect the attitudes of Professional Accountants' Ethics Code.

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MapLaisvės al. 99B, LT-44291 Kaunas.
Tel. +370 37 220 230,
fax. +370 37 220 230,
E-mail: info@akc.lt.

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UAB "Audito konsultacinis centras".
Auditas ir apskaita.

UAB "Buhalterių ir auditorių mokykla".
Apskaitos kursai ir seminarai.

Įstaiga "Buhalteris".
Kanceliarija ir paslaugos.