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The main line of our activities - audit and accounting services. While developing  this trend, we brought together a number of legal entities with limited and unlimited civil liability, acting for the same purpose.

Audit. Audit of financial reports - this is part of company's control procedures  considering whether the financial reports prepared by the  company's governing body present a real and true view. The audit is conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and Legal Acts of the Republic of Lithuania regulating auditing and accounting. 

Accounting Services. Provision of accounting management, conduct and inspection services for signing  long-term or short-term agreements on cooperation. 

Educational activities. Since the very beginning of Independence the UAB "School of Accountants and Auditors" (founded in 1991) has been working in the area of retraining   accounting professionals and in-service training. Having earned excellent recommendations of financiers, accountants general, we organize accounting courses and seminars of several stages. These are professional training studies for beginners as well as  for professional accountants. 

Production, publishing and marketing. The entity "Accountant" is part of accounting services group and  is responsible for  production, publishing, wholesale and retail trade of accounting forms, books, registers.  The sign   "Accountant" is familiar to accountants in Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipeda. Whole-sale network is oriented in central and western Lithuania.

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MapLaisvės al. 99B, LT-44291 Kaunas.
Tel. +370 37 220 230,
fax. +370 37 220 230,
E-mail: info@akc.lt.

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Our companies

UAB "Audito konsultacinis centras".
Auditas ir apskaita.

UAB "Buhalterių ir auditorių mokykla".
Apskaitos kursai ir seminarai.

Įstaiga "Buhalteris".
Kanceliarija ir paslaugos.