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All accountancy work is organized by the accountant general. The company's success depends on  his qualifications and skills. The private company limited "School of Accountants and Auditors", established in  1991, was one of the first in the area of retraining   accounting professionals and in-service training. Having earned excellent recommendations of financiers, accountants general, even today we organize accounting courses and seminars of several stages. These are professional training studies for beginners as well as  for professional accountants.

Independence of Lithuania was the start for challenge and discovery. In 1993 the entity "Accountant" was established, the main activity of which was the creation and distribution of materials for accountants. What is the material for accountants? This is his 'book - where, following certain accounting requirements, it is possible to describe all the property of the company,  its state and the picture " . /  Ilgūnas J, 1924 / 

Since 1993 we have expanded and become stronger. Our currently produced assortment -  registers, certificates, document forms- is standard or free-form, could be printed with requisites or logo of a certain company, VAT invoices, CMR forms, cash receipts / money payment vouchers, cash receipt forms, invoices or vouchers caterers, travel sheets, employment contracts and payrolls ... over fifteen hundred different names adapted to different economic sectors. 

Our range of products is adapted to your office, we offer our produced files for filing everyday documents as well as for archiving. Special files are produced for Notary or Bailiff offices. In addition to all this, we have the supplies of basic office aids. We produce stamps. 

 At the end of the first decade of Independence there were thousands of small businesses in Lithuania, employing a few or some more people, and the accounting of such firms  was done by one or more accountants, but sometimes it is not profitable to have  a financier or accounting clerk employed, it  would be enough to have an employee  to carry out the initial actions only, and then the accounting service could be delegated to a specialized company in such a way saving the cost of jobs and reducing the risk of non-professional decisions impact concerning the  time. Since 1996 the established company "The Audit Advisory Centre" has been  engaged in professional accounting and auditing activities for small, little and medium-sized businesses.

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