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In the areas of accounting and auditing highly skilled personnel is employed, all having university education; accounting and audit services are provided using Information Technologies, tasks are carried out using computer-based programs. The manager of the UAB "The Audit Advisory Centre" is a certified auditor, President of Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors, actively participating in the work of commissions and committees.

Our training center "School of Accountants and Auditors" helps to constantly maintain the qualification of the staff, as well as continuous in-service training for the staff in various professional courses. By the end of 2020 the staff is  involved in the implementation of the EU project" The Development of Qualification, Knowledge, Skills and Professional Competences of Leaders and the Staff of Audit Companies  in the Changing System of Lithuanian Independent Audit" and the EU project "Competences LT". We have the opportunity to participate not only in professional training provided by  Lithuanian lecturers, but in the lectures given by foreign lecturers and participate in  internship abroad.

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MapLaisvės al. 99B, LT-44291 Kaunas.
Tel. +370 37 220 230,
fax. +370 37 220 230,
E-mail: info@akc.lt.

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UAB "Audito konsultacinis centras".
Auditas ir apskaita.

UAB "Buhalterių ir auditorių mokykla".
Apskaitos kursai ir seminarai.

Įstaiga "Buhalteris".
Kanceliarija ir paslaugos.