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We are next to the employed accountant, so we see a growing variety of reports, descriptive materials, necessity of filling in new records and forms for the enterprise's internal  needs as well as to declare external sources. According to paper consumption for recording nominated processes, this is one of the most sensitive units of the company, where each entry, each transaction must be displayed on specific registers.

Training and direct work process dictated the need for production and distribution of such forms. We produce over a thousand names of different forms of accountancy, registers, books, certificates and reports of various forms, our  published  document forms are used by the enterprises in the middle and Lithuania  as well as in the west of the country. It should be noted that the publishing services are highly specialized, they are meant for everybody doing  the  accountancy job, so we can see the priority for this particular area of publishing. In collaboration with accountants, managers, business leaders, we specialize specifically for the registers made for a certain company in accordance with their needs and specifications. 

The shops "The Accountant" established in three largest cities of Lithuania, are  meant for accounting professionals and have the concentrated office stationery supply for the accountant's office or desk, developing the  course of action - to be next to the employee...

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MapLaisvės al. 99B, LT-44291 Kaunas.
Tel. +370 37 220 230,
fax. +370 37 220 230,
E-mail: info@akc.lt.

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UAB "Audito konsultacinis centras".
Auditas ir apskaita.

UAB "Buhalterių ir auditorių mokykla".
Apskaitos kursai ir seminarai.

Įstaiga "Buhalteris".
Kanceliarija ir paslaugos.