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Small business in Lithuania takes over the western experience: the delivery of specialized services through professional companies performing services in their field. Nobody is  surprised when  car service or cleaning, security and IT services, legal or medical and other services are confided to enterprises acting in relevant areas. Saving financial and human resources, more and more companies entrust their financial records for specialized audit and accounting companies. The latter ones take over the expenses of creating and maintaining workplaces, at the same time concentrating specialists who go deeper into work and have professional knowledge about the nature of work, that is why the services are performed competently and reasonably.

When signing  long-term (short-term) co-operation agreements, we handle financial accounting of enterprises , make  tax and other declarations, provide financial statements. 

We provide consultations on accountancy and tax matters. We help fill in certificates for declaration of income for individual citizens. The citizens are introduced to the tax obligations and the possibility to get  refund of the overpayment of income tax.

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MapLaisvės al. 99B, LT-44291 Kaunas.
Tel. +370 37 220 230,
fax. +370 37 220 230,
E-mail: info@akc.lt.

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Our companies

UAB "Audito konsultacinis centras".
Auditas ir apskaita.

UAB "Buhalterių ir auditorių mokykla".
Apskaitos kursai ir seminarai.

Įstaiga "Buhalteris".
Kanceliarija ir paslaugos.