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It is said that numbers rule the world.
No, they only show how the world is ruled.
/J. W. Goethe/

How could the enterprise that concluded a service contract with an auditing company be certain that there will be provided a high quality service? There are protectors, and one of the main is a market that unforgives the errors made, and our country is too small in order not to have consequences for the company’s future potential. In its efforts to maintain the position of auditing the company formulates specific tasks for people working in the company: constantly improving qualifications of those professionals who do the practical work, group work is organized or vice versa, the division of labour, enabling insight into specific areas. Auditing and accounting company works not with a single client, that is why it may have more skills how accountancy should be carried out in specific areas, specific financial accounts are formed, such as private companies limited or non-profit organizations, state or municipal enterprises. The Law of Audit of the Republic of Lithuania prescribes the compulsory in-service training for auditors and their assistants, the compulsory business risk insurance, and this also provides a guarantee to our clients.

Audit - an independent research of company's financial statements and related financial information that is  completed with the  expression of opinion about that. This service is chosen by enterprises that have the obligation prescribed by law to perform audits of financial statements, or that are interested in having  reliable and  certified financial information.

Positive conclusion  in the auditor's report is a weighty argument in negotiations for more favourable trade or credit conditions, searching for new partners or clients. Audited enterprise, having  received a favourable auditor's opinion, gains the status of a reliable enterprise, that is why  this service has a tendency to grow.

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